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WNS automatic fuel gas boiler
  • WNS automatic fuel gas boiler


  • WNS automatic fuel gas boiler


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  • Ajinomoto (Henan) company 3 sets of 10 tons


  • Yanjing Beer (Beijing) 5 sets of 10 tons, 1 set of 6 tons, 1 set of 4 tons


WNS automatic fuel gas boiler:
Since 1985, the company has cooperated with COMSAI (American Combustion Systems) to provide a full set of technical drawings and processes, and is manufactured according to the US "ASME" standard. The boiler is a three-pass flue gas structure. The pipe adopts a combination of a threaded pipe and a light pipe. The boiler adopts a unique rear smoke chamber full outer wet back structure, which has low back pressure and high efficiency.

The company's main products:
Boiler type: WNS CWNS
Boiler capacity:
Steam oven: 0.5-30t/h
Water heater: 0.35-21MW
Boiler parameters:
Pressure: 0.7-2.5MPa
Temperature: 175-300 ° C
Pressure: 0.7-1.6MPa
Temperature: 95-150 ° C
Boiler fuel: light oil, heavy oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, biogas, gas, hydrogen, low-value gas, etc.

Boiler features:
a. The combustion chamber adopts a full-corrugated furnace structure formed by hot rolling, which increases the heating area, enhances heat transfer, and has excellent thermal expansion performance.
b. The rear smoke chamber adopts the full outer wet back structure, the length of the furnace is long, the large combustion chamber and the radiation heating surface are large, which is beneficial to the flame length development and avoids the flame flushing the heating surface; the smoke resistance is small and the back pressure is low, so the burner is selected. Wide, and can add a tail heating surface.
c. Ample heating area, 32m2 heating surface for every 600,000 kcal heat generation.
d. The tail can be equipped with one or two energy savers according to requirements, and the boiler efficiency can reach 95%.

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