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SZS automatic fuel gas boiler:
SZS series boiler is a large-scale automatic fuel gas boiler developed by the company since the 1980s with reference to the VP type boiler with excellent technical level of CE company in the United States, combined with the technology of equivalent boilers in Japan and Korea.

The company's main products:
Boiler capacity:
Steam oven: 10-240t/h
Water heater: 7-116MW
Boiler parameters:
Pressure: 1.0-5.4MPa
Temperature: 184-485 °C
Pressure: 1.0-1.6MPa
Temperature: 95-150 ° C
Boiler fuel: light oil, heavy oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, biogas, coke oven gas, etc.

Boiler features:
a. The boiler adopts full-membrane wall structure, and has good sealing performance. It can be burned by positive pressure or micro-positive pressure, and has high thermal efficiency.
b. The boiler has the characteristics of small volume, compact structure, high combustion efficiency, convenient installation, simple operation and high degree of automation. 10-40t/h can be shipped from the factory.
c. The boiler anti-vibration structure is unique, which effectively reduces the vortex vibration of the Kamen.
d. The tail can be equipped with one or two energy savers according to requirements, and the boiler efficiency can reach 95%.

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